Academic Prerequisites

The Yale Physician Associate Program, from which students graduate with a Masters of Medical Science degree, is a graduate-level program within the Yale School of Medicine. Each applicant must have completed a baccalaureate degree (BS/BA) before entrance into the PA Program.

The Admissions Committee closely examines an applicant's record for evidence that the individual is capable of successfully completing graduate-level science work. While a degree in a premedical science major is not required of applicants, due to the intense nature of graduate study at Yale, a cumulative science GPA of 3.0 is required. Grades and corresponding course credits in all biology, chemistry and physics courses from undergraduate and graduate work are used to calculate the science grade point average.  This calculation is derived automatically from the CASPA application.

Also required are the undergraduate/graduate science courses listed below (new for the 2014 application cycle):

  • One semester/term of statistics or calculus
  • One semester/term of anatomy with or without lab
  • One semester/term of either organic chemistry or biochemistry
  • One semester/term of human or animal physiology (may be met by taking either one semester/term of Anatomy and one semester/term of Physiology, or two semesters/terms of Anatomy and Physiology, combined.
  • One semester/term of microbiology 
  • One semester/term of genetics

Undergraduate/graduate science coursework guidelines

  • Coursework prerequisites must be completed, with grades made available to the Admissions Committee. Applications may be submitted through CASPA prior to completion of spring/summer coursework. However, applicants are responsible for requesting that official transcripts for all "in progress" coursework be sent from the university where the coursework was taken to the Yale PA Admissions Office by October 1.
  • Prerequisite coursework may be completed at multiple institutions, including community/junior colleges and institutions from which the applicant has not received a degree.
  • The program does not accept audited courses as prerequisites.
  • Courses that may have been taken at any period of time in the past are considered and do not "expire."
  • On-line courses from regionally accredited institutions are acceptable.